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Forecast fantasy football players competitively

Forecast Football ™ is a new way to showcase the talents you've been honing as a fantasy football player. In Forecast Football, you predict the key stats for your favorite fantasy players each week and your score is based on how accurate your forecasts are compared to the other forecasts made. Forecast Football is completely free to play.

Test your fantasy football knowledge against your friends and the best in the world

In Forecast Football, you can create more than one team. And each team can join as many leagues as you want! You can have the same team compete in different leagues against your college buddies, your friends from work, your girlfriend's family, and sitewide against the top fantasy football forecasters in the world!

Show your Superfan football knowledge

In fantasy football, you need to keep abreast of players in the entire league. However, you'll never know them all as well as you know your hometown team. In Forecast Football you can create a superfan team to show just how knowledgable a fan you are! Each week, you'll forecast the statistics for all of the players on the team of your choice, competing both sitewide and in any leagues you choose. Are your friends all fans of different teams? No problem! You can all compete head-to-head, proving once and for all who's the biggest fan.

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