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Forecast Football ™ offers the most accurate forecasts available on the web for fantasy football, suited to your fantasy rules, your fantasy players, and your fantasy league!

Accurate Fantasy Football Forecasts for Your Team

Forecast Football customizes the scoring algorithms to fit your fantasy scoring system. No more trying to mentally adjust woefully inadequate and inaccurate "rankings" by one "expert" at a big-name site who got skipped over for a real analysis job. You input the exact scoring system of your game and our system computes the correct fantasy score projection for you.

The Most Accurate Forecasts by the Best Forecasters

Forecast Football projections are calculated with a complex algorithm, tracking the accuracy of the best forecasters all season long and combining their projections into a usable form. This method consistently provides the best and most accurate football statistics projections, and it's easy to see why.

How do we know?

Lousy: Computerized projections

Computerized or automatic projections only use statistical past performances and matchups to determine future outcomes. That's only part of the game, though. Computers don't know about and so can't properly take into account injuries, position battles, suspensions, and other factors unrelated to past performance. Those factors, though, are huge in the world of fantasy football.

Worse: Site Pundits

Site pundits and self-professed experts are also completely unreliable. Ever notice how few pundits leave up their previous projections after the games begin each week? Resting on their laurels since they work for some big-name sports analysis company, they just throw out their projections on a whim to meet their deadlines, knowing that there'll be no checking of their accuracy or performance.

The Only Way: Forecast Football Statistics ™

At Forecast Football, forecasters earn the title of pundit by consistently making accurate projections from week to week. The forecasts provided by the most accurate forecasters are then combined with sophisticated algorithms to make the most accurate possible predictions of NFL players' stats. You can then set your team planner with your scoring system, so those predictions are compiled just for you, tailored to your fantasy league. No individual person or program can possibly do all that. Only the combined intelligence and knowledge of the forecasters at Forecast Football ™ can achieve all that!

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