Forecaster Rankings

As of Wed 1:09am, these are the Top 10 forecasters on Forecast Football ™. The hard work and dedication of these and other Forecasters is what drives the heart of Forecast Football. We owe these men (and women, of course!) our gratitude. To learn more about how you can try to join their elite ranks, get started playing Forecast Football ™.

Top 10 forecasters
Rank Last Week Score Forecaster Team Name
1st No Change (+0) 57.8 awm14 Green Bay Staleys
2nd No Change (+0) 57.1 mpezzula Troy Haymakers
3rd No Change (+0) 52.8 waylab Touchdown Jesus
4th No Change (+0) 52.6 mwdm1179 hometown Players
5th Up (+1) 50 ReymanFF Rabid Dogs
6th Down (-1) 50 bootiewho Southaven Cutters
7th No Change (+0) 36.8 bumchowder Pittsburgh Bumchowders
8th No Change (+0) 33.3 oasis0001 New England World Champs
9th No Change (+0) 33.3 ses4j Euripides Rangers
10th No Change (+0) 32.7 chugabrewski portland guzzlers