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Technical Problems:
If you experience any technical issues, please email us at You can also post in the forum, on the Bug Reports board.

Statistics Issues:
If you notice a problem with the statistical data, please email, and/or post in the forum, on the Statistics Issues board.

Account Issues:
If you lost your password, you can retrieve it! If you have other problems with billing or your account, please email

Advertising, Syndication, and Business Development:
Please email if you are interested in advertising, forecast stats syndication, or exploring other agreements with Forecast Football™.

General Feedback:
If you have any other questions or problems, you might want to check the forums first, very likely someone else has had the same problem or wondered the same thing. And if not, they probably will soon! The forums are the best and fastest place for help from staff and fellow users both, so check the forums first! You can also email if your questions can't be answered by the forums.