About Us

What is Forecast Football ™?

There are two sides to the Forecast Football ™ site. You can participate in either one or both.

There's Forecast Football: The Game, where you take on the mantle of Forecaster, and test your skills against your friends and other Forecasters across the site, competing to be the top pundit by most accurately predicting NFL players statistics every week.

Then there's Forecast Football Statistics, where projections by the best Forecasters are compiled via sophisticated algorithms into constantly improving and changing sitewide forecasts. These compiled stats are made available to you in many useful ways, including rankings of all the players, and via Team Planners. Team planners allow you to input your specific fantasy league rules and scoring systems, to compile stats, listings, and rankings tailored to suit your needs. You can also set your team planner with your fantasy players, and it will tell you exactly who to start, based on the best available forecasts! Try finding THAT anywhere else!